Sowing the seeds for flourishing future rail industry

About Us

Expertise gathered over years of experience with Indian Railways had given Rao Ganapa Sreenivasa a unique vision for a new kind of railway engineering company: one that brought together diverse expertise from a number of sectors under one umbrella. It is a model that has produced a group of Business dedicated to globalizing rail services and rapidly developing human capital within the sector.

The Five companies in the ETOE Rail group are divided by our specialisms:

  • ETOE Transportation Infrastructure Private Limited
  • ETOE Operations and Maintenance Private Limited
  • ETOE Transportation Training Services Private Limited
  • ETOE Consultancy Private Limited
  • ETOE Wireless Network Solutions Pvt Ltd

Between the Five companies we employ over 450 people, with 200 signalling and telecommunication specialists, over 150 track specialists and more than 50 working in OHE/OLE/OCS.